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What Is Your Sword?

A Christian’s life is a series of battles.  Sometimes you win, other times you lose and sometimes a draw.  We wage a battle not physically but spiritually, not against flesh and blood but against unseen things (Ephesians 6:12).  Whether it be the war within ourselves or the battle to make our own choices, the word of God is clear how we are going to defend our selves. He  equipped us completely like a soldier or a warrior going to battle (Ephesians 6:13-17).

It is easy to get confuse  when it comes to different bible versions.  We have the King James, New International, New American Standard Bible, etc.  So which one?  I started out on New International Version , then to King James Version when I attended a Baptist church. There was a time where I became a King James Version only guy.  “The other versions are just corrupted”, so I said to myself.  That’s why sometimes you hear the saying, “King James cult”.  I am not hear to demean other versions.  Rather to show you which sword you should pick since the word of God is our sword (Ephesians 6:17).


Currently I am using the New Living Translation. Again, I am not here to sell and promote a specific version.  Ever since I used this version, everything is more clear to me.  The fruit I am producing is abounding.  This blog and it’s words are one of its fruits.  If you’re a Christian, the day you got save doesn’t end there.  You are  to bear fruits (Matthew 13:23).

1. Don’t pick a version in which they’re missing verses.
2. Be aware of missing words and has been switch to a different verse.
3. Choose something that you are comfortable and understandable.
4. Makes you grow and closer to God. If not, then find something else.
5. Research all the time and always compare to other versions when there is something you don’t understand.  I still  keep my NASB, KJV and NKJV for comparison.

The enemy is out there looking for every way to corrupt God’s word.  So sharpen your swords and treat it like your spouse, the way a rifle is to a Marine, you’re life depends on it.  Now, I don’t know how you treat your spouse (kidding.)

What kind of sword do you have and why?

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Psalm 119

:25 – I lie in the dust completely discouraged..

:28 – I weep with grief..

:71 – The suffering you sent was good for me..

:82 – My eyes are straining to see your promises come true. When will you comfort me?

:83 – I am shriveled like a wineskin in the smoke, exhausted with waiting.

:92 – ..I would have died in misery.

:107 – I have suffered much, O Lord.

:123 – My eyes strain to see your deliverance, to see the truth of your promise fulfilled.

:136 – Rivers of tears gush from my eyes..

:141 – I am insignificant and despised..

:143 – As pressure and stress bear down on me..

:146 – I cry out to you; save me..

:147 – ..I cry out for help..

:148 – I stay awake through the night..

:149 – ..O Lord, hear my my life.

:153 – Look down upon my sorrows..

:157 – Many persecute and trouble me..

:169 – O Lord, listen to my cry..

:176 – I have wandered away like a lost sheep..

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My name is…

When you were born I was there
I saw the joy in your mother’s eyes while you cry
And she held you the first time in her arms
She was in pain while she delivered you
As soon as you came out that pain turned into overflowing joy

I watch you as you began to grow
Words muted, speaking and walking barely
As seasons passes they become more clear
You limp, then start walking, couldn’t stop talking, questioning everything
Next time I know you are running, jumping
Eager to learn what kind of world you are in
Your parents could barely keep up with you

I have high expectations for you
Sure this fellow must be different
Innocent and what is better than having a child’s heart
That is the kind of heart that’ll listen and obey Him
That is the kind of heart that knows no doubting

Behold it’s your first day in school
Nervous, afraid but you got through all of it
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years
Has gone by everything seemed like yesterday

The moment you have a taste of the world has to offer you
The heart of a child is no more
You’ve turn into something I never expected
You’ve become prideful, you’ve hurt countless people
With your tongue you deceived many
You’ve gain riches and amass power
Through oppression, repression and deception
You considered yourself a god

How I was disappointed in you but you made your choice
The people you’ve hurt, I hear they’re cry and groanings
Day and night, and like them I was crying too
I couldn’t watch them any longer
The more I waited, the more wicked you’ve become
The number of people you’ve oppress grew even more
They wailed, they cried, and tears flow from my eyes

I was ready to struck you down with a sickle in my palm
But His hand grab my arm
He said, “Stop!! Let’s give the fellow more time.”
Hoping you’ll change in due time

I waited
Winter, spring, summer, fall
I waited
Rain, snow, heat
Dawn, morning, noon, evening
I waited
Lightning, thunder, storms
I waited
Until the day time has caught up to you

Then I heard your voice
Whispering, words mumbling, hands trembling
Fear blanketing
I turned my gaze towards you
Breath gasping
Reality struck you, and you said
“I am not a god”

As you close your eyes
And took your last breath
I’d like to introduce myself
My name is…
I have authority over you
Ever since the beginning of time

So do not be prideful
Always stay humble
At the end of your time
I’ll be there waiting for you

Oh, and one more thing
He’s not the only one watching
I am watching too…

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Drop of Blood

A drop of blood fell on a dust
But the dust didn’t know
It was done out of love
The dust keep choosing
A lifestyle of lust

The drop of blood didn’t stop
It doesn’t matter if the dust went bust
Then the dust got lost
In the sea of lust

The lust have swept
Unto its heart
It thrust its might
Till there is no light

But the drop of blood didn’t stop
What started as drops
Now it’s trickling
It was trickling
Now it’s pouring
Drowning out the sea of lust

It is the only one
That could save the dust

The dust stood up
It says
Now I know this is the
Sea of love

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There is a dust
It was formed and created by breath
It came to the world
Innocent infamy
Brought joy with more tears and pain

The dust grew in knowledge
Its eyes were opened
Good and evil
More evil

It loves and hates
It saves and kills
Heals and destroy

It liberates and conquer
Servant and tyrant
Its honest, a liar
Persecutor, a defender
It’s faithful, a cheater
It trust, a doubter
It is brave, a coward
It cries, it laughs

A taker, a giver
It is humble, it is arrogant
Merciful and vengeful

The dust grew weak
And weaker
Throughout its life he never realized
That it is but a dust
Until it is buried
Six feet under ground
To be trampled upon
By other dusts
Who doesn’t know
That they are but a dust

As the old saying goes
From dust you came from,
to dust you shall return.


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The Closet Christian

Every time I drop off my daughter to her school, she always ask me to turn off the radio.  I don’t know if she’s embarrass of me because of the music I listen to or it’s just her growing up.  The faster the time goes by so are the changes. It felt like it’s just yesterday.

One morning stood out.  I was listening to K-LOVE and she said to turn it off, she didn’t want to “offend” certain individuals who don’t believe in God. I remember a high school classmate of mine who became a born again Christian during our high school days.  I never knew that she’s been a believer that long.  I only found out on Facebook after all through these years.  Going through a Roman Catholic school, it wasn’t easy if you belong to a different faith. Day in, day out persecution is always there but it’s expected. There’s not a day that someone’s making fun and mock of this new faith that I’ve found. That’s only the school, I still have to contend with my parents at home who are both devout Catholic.  I didn’t care, I was happy I finally found the truth.  All the insults, the slurs, the painful words, the way how quickly individuals change just because you belong to a different faith; it was all worth it.

I ask this classmate of mine why she hid her faith, why she didn’t openly display it.  It was her fear of rejection, of how fast things would change once people knew.

It was hard back then being a believer, it is even more harder now given how society has portrayed Christians and God.  So what do we do?  Do we cower in fear?  Will we give in to the pressures and abandon our faith? Are you going to be that seed that fell on the rocky ground who have no root or are you going to be the seed that fell on good soil who produces a lot of crop?

In response, I told my daughter to be bold in her faith, regardless of what people say.  The opinion of God outweighs any opinion than is in this world.  What matters most is what God think of you not what the world think of you.  Do not be like Peter who denied Christ not once but three times.  If you’ve ever been in the same situation like Peter, God is abounding in grace ready to forgive you.  He forgave Peter He will forgive you too.

There’s a saying, “If you don’t stand up for something you’ll for anything.” The time to stand up for what is true is now. Remember what Christ says, “Whoever denies me before men, I will also deny him before my Father in heaven (Matt. 10:33).”

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This past Monday, I dropped off my daughter at school but we were  twenty minutes late. One of the things that I don’t like is not being on time, I abhor it.   I don’t care even if they’re family or close friends or lover.  I hate being late.  I hate it when somebody’s late. If you’re five minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time you are late.

I was expecting to be five minutes late.  When I got to the main road, traffic was heavy because of an accident from icy roads on one of the freeways.  Tried to take a detour, same results. While we were sitting in traffic, I began to get upset inside me. I wanted to scold her for not listening to me when I told her to wake up and get ready for school.  Instead she choose to sleep in more and argue, now we have to face the consequences.

I choose not to.  I held back not because of my lack of parenting skills but rather she’s my child. I talked to her instead and explain that there’s a reason for all the things that I tell and ask her to do.  That it is for her own good and not mine.

As I was talking to her, it reminds me of what our heavenly Father think of us whenever we disobey Him.  If I being an earthly father have this compassion toward my own child, how much more when it compares to Him.  Whenever we disobey Him, He has all the right to get angry and punish us.  He punish us not because he hates us but to discipline us like any parents would do to their child.  He chose not to but keep giving us multiple chances to repent and change our ways.  Instead of raining His wrath upon us He sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for the penalty that was meant for us, so that we’ll know He is full of compassion.

No matter how much you’ve failed, He is always there telling you to wake up.  Do not be late, wake up when He tells you to.  You might end up late and the doors of heaven will close on you.

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A couple of days ago I watched Deadpool.  I wanted to check out what’s the fuss all about.  I keep hearing from friends and co-worker how good it is. Do not let your kids watch it.  This is different from any Marvel movies.  Speaking of a  foul-mouthed individual, he is up there on my list. But hey it’s Deadpool, it is what make him he is.  I am not here to make a review of the movie.

Sometimes I get carried when I watched  a fictional character to the point that I would change my picture profile on Facebook base on that image of said character.
This morning I was thinking of that, putting Deadpool on my profile.  Then I said to my self, given his characteristics what am I trying to portray about me in relation to my faith. I decided not to do it.

That was said and done. After that I’m off to my morning devotions. I was reading 2 Samuel 4 where it talks about Isbosheth being murdered.  Here I am trying to forget all the violence in Deadpool and the moment I open my Bible, Isbosheth wasn’t only killed but decapitated him too.  The violence just unnerve me.  It is true that the Bible is filled with gruesome violence. I won’t deny that.  You probably asking what’s got to do with what I’m talking about.

Before I go on, I am not here to promote or justify sin.  A sin is sin no matter how much you justify it. Few months ago a co-worker of mine was asking about a movie, I can’t really remember what’s the name of the movie. But I remember it involves a lot of sex scenes.  I told her that I don’t watch such movies. Okay, hold it there, you’re saying right now, “But you’ve watched Deadpool.” Second reason not to let any kids watch it. Nope, I didn’t watch the sex scenes.  I have my own way of censorship (pushing the mute button and either looking away or block my view).

Back to my  conversation with my co-worker.  She said, “Why some people are against it (sex scenes) and yet people have no problem watching violent movies specifically when it involves killing.” Those statements rings true.  If you hold back and observe she has a very valid point.  Our society is laden with such things, not only in movies but even in video games. I hate to say it but we glorify it, just look at the movies we watch and the games we play. We made killing a part of our entertainment.

The very life (regardless if an individual is bad or good) that Jesus Christ died for is reduced in some cheap thrill stress relieving entertainment.  We might not know the implications since it’s only entertainment, that’s what we want to believe but that is nothing farther from the truth. Look around you, do you see  a lot of entertainment that involves saving lives?  Or even preserving it?  What would happen then?  Would you think we’ll be more merciful and compassionate to each other? I would think so.

I know I am no better when it comes to choosing what entertainment I am getting myself into. It is one of the aspect of my life I have to work on, in which I ask,”Is it glorifying God or not.”  For those of you who are believers, should a Christian watch such thing?  Share your thoughts below…


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Does God Really Speak?

While I was eating my lunch,  I was reading  blogs I follow here at WordPress. I keep pondering if I should continue this blog.  It actually crossed my mind if I’m really making a difference or if people actually care.  For a second I think it would be better if I rarely post or stop altogether, and concentrate on my photography.  Then I read this blog from A Fractured Faith,  “We Need You.” First, I thought it is asking for monetary help.  Little did I know that it is more than that.

He is right about his message on that post you’ll never know who you’ll be able to help. It did just that to me.  The moment I finished reading it I know that God wants me to keep writing for this blog, all I needed was a confirmation.

What about you?  Have you ever have an encounter with God which he answered back to you other than His words in the Bible? Something that make you scratched your head and say, “This can’t be just a coincidence.”