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Act of Kindness

The Christian doctrine revolves around love and kindness.  The love it preaches is beyond any human’s grasp.  For one, to love someone who doesn’t love you back is just absurd and crazy.  Yet, one of Christ’s teachings is not only to love your neighbor but to love your enemies as well.  Most believer could probably do the first one but never the latter. How could you love someone who hates you, to the point that individual wishes you harm.  Looking back before you become born again, we were all enemies of God because of our sin and unrepentant nature and yet God didn’t stop loving us. He love us so much that He sent his one and only Son to save us from His wrath.

I was browsing through my facebook.  One of my friends shared this article, about a guy named Carl Panzram. This guy was so vile that I’ll share two of his quotes.

“I am the man who goes around the world doing people good. My motto is: Rob em, ***k em and then kill em. That’s me.”


And before his death, “Hurry up, you Hoosier bastard, I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around!”


With those words, right before his death.  I see a person who is full of hatred and vengeance.  I also see a man who is crush, broken in spirit, helpless.  That all he wants is just to end everything, not an act of cowardness  but rather a means of escape from a world of abuse, torture and pain.  All throughout his life only one man showed him kindness.  His prison guard Henry Lesser.  They became friends eventually and he convinced him to write about his life.

We often see outlaws only through one side of it.  We never ask why how such an individual became one.  I am not defending such individual, no matter what one went through. Regardless of what the factors are the  choice is still up to us. What if someone showed him kindness when he was a boy? That there is a life after this world.  Jesus Christ tells us to become the light of the world.

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (Matt. 5:14-16 NASB)

Yes, it is easy to judge such an individual.  However the grace  and love of God knows no bounds.  For the word of God is like a double edge sword.  Besides we all have one thing in common, we’re all sinners.


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What is morality? How do you know which one is right or which one is wrong. What are the factors that define good and bad. Does a government mandate that makes something legal morally right? When it’s accepted by the majority and becomes the norm, does that make it good? When it fulfill your desires and pleasures, so long as you’re not hurting anyone.

Why is it that the more technologically advance we are, the more backwards we become morally and common sense keep diminishing.  Whether we like it or not there’s always a consequence for every action.  That, no one can deny the outcome of it, that’s how you judge it if it’s good or bad.  Galatians 6:7 even says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” One of my friend asked me, “How do I know that the Bible is true?”  In which, I simply answer, “It is self evident.  That whatever you sow, that’s what you’ll reap.

And yet people blame Christianity for all the problems of society.  That we should do whatever we want.  Never mind if it’s ethical or not, so long as it is legal.  So long as it satisfies one’s desire. There’s only one problem I found with this logic.  None of the Gospel’s teaching were followed.  How could you put the blame into something that you never followed. Never even bother to read it.  Try it sometime, apply it to your life what the Bible says.  You might just find what you’re looking for.  Don’t you get tired of listening to the world.  You do this and that and yet you come up empty.

To think of it, the Bible is God’s standard.  Wherever you go in life, there’s always a standard you have to follow.  Take for an example the products we consume, the technology we buy and the food we eat.  They have to have a certain standards to follow or else it’ll be inferior or just useless piece of garbage.  The same thing applies to our lives.  Without it, everything is just chaos.  Here is a video about why modern art are so bad.  In a way you could relate it to our lives.

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Money and Power – The Primary Driving Force of Humanity

Throughout the inception of humanity, we’ve been conditioned to live and work for two primary things.  Money for one, which is everyone’s primary motive.  The main reason why we live  for the majority of us.  It’s been ingrained in us from the moment we knew how to talk.  From our parents, relatives, friends and the educational system as a whole.  It’s all about making money and more money.  I mean who wouldn’t?  It makes you buy the things you wanted.  The dream house or the fancy car.  The latest technology.  Travel and vacation.  Makes you’re partner happy when you make more.  You don’t have to worry about tomorrow,  if you have an abundance of it.  In other words it gives you a sense of security.

After accumulating so much wealth, power comes in play.  You probably wonder why that a lot of billionaires and a few trillionaires, just doesn’t get the satisfaction.  I mean how much is enough?  It reminds me one of  James Bond’s movie, The World is Not Enough.  For a  while it is wealth that we’re trying to cling on to but later you realize that behind for every wealth is power.  It is for this reason  one doesn’t stop from accumulating it.  This is very evident in our society today.  Just look all around you how people are treated base on the material wealth an individual have.  Try observing why you’ll out there, whether you’re shopping, driving, or even when you’re at your church.

I am not saying that doing better for your self or provide for your family is bad, not at all.  It is dangerous when it becomes the focus of your life.  Have you ever wonder why the more you earn the more you clamor for material things.  You tell yourself that if you make this much money that you’ll be satisfied.  When you’ve achieve that, instead of being satisfied you see yourself getting a nicer car or a bigger house.  Soon, you’ll find yourself lacking again.  It is not the lack of things itself but rather it is the lack of satisfaction.  You can never be satisfied with bigger things if you can’t even be satisfied with smaller things.  Deep inside of you, you feel that the more you have the more you’re burdened and the more you’re worried.

If you’re feeling down because of you’re situation in life, don’t.  They are others who are in worse position than you.  It is no wonder that in 1Timothy 6:6 it says, “Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

Why give all your energy and effort for something that’s perishable?  Redirect your energy towards God, your family and friends.  You can’t even take it with you when you’re gone.