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All About You

So much for planning
So much for hope
So much for faith
Or is just fate?

So much for understanding
So much for forgiving
So much for second chances
Is change ever coming?

Days have gone by
So are months
And years
It’s still the same thing

No matter what I do
No matter what I think
No matter how I feel
No matter how convince I am
It’s just you.

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The Emptiness

Sitting on my bed
Things going through my head
Expectations are illusions
Like a smoke, a dust,
Like a silhouette, like a mirage in the desert
Hoping to fill that thirst
Only to find emptiness.

What does life revolve around?
The money, the cars, a big house
Perfect family, caring friends
In which I have none
It’s not enough
Something is missing

Listening to music
Stare outside of the window
Having a thousand yards stare
Through the clouds and beneath the horizons
What is beyond that
Is there someone there
Or something
To fill the emptiness
To fill the void it created

Everything to be desired
Have been fulfilled and exceeded
The more you have
The more burden
If desire is not there
Would it make you stop
To feel like a human

What now, what then
The emptiness.

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Why the World is Against Jesus Christ’s Second Coming

We all know that the world is not ruled by righteous individuals. Power and money is their main goal.  Money is not bad rather it is the love of it.  The whole world revolves around commerce.  Sadly in order to keep the money flowing things need to break, no cure for diseases only treatment, make the people feel bad, feed them with all kind of garbage through the media, make lies sound truthful and truth hateful. Politicians lie all the time just to get that vote. They claim to serve the people but nothing is farther from the truth.

The state of the economy is not good at all. People are sad and depressed. To keep the masses sedated and happy we are bombarded with entertainment. We are being taught to love pleasure just like 2 Timothy 3:4  mentioned. Then there’s war, a big money-making machine. Wars are everywhere and they seem to never end.

Consumption has been our most coveted past time.  We buy things that we don’t need and spend money we don’t have. People always think they’re lacking not because they don’t have it but because they’re not satisfied with what they have. “You gotta have that latest and greatest bling you know.”  As soon as the novelty wears out you find yourself feeling empty. So what you do to ease that craving?  Find out what the world has to offer but in the end you still feel lacking and empty and you repeat the whole cycle again.  Don’t you think that the one you needed the most is not of this world?


Think about it, when Jesus Christ comes back and set his kingdom.  What kind of government would that be?  To all those who read their Bible, you know what I’m talking about.  He is a healer so there goes the medical industrial complex and big pharma. He hates lying, so there goes your politicians, bureaucrats and propagandist just to name a few in which lying is involve in making a living. He is the prince of peace so there goes your war. As for entertainment and things that makes you happy here’s one for you from Revelation 21:4.

I wouldn’t blame them if they’re doing all they can to prevent or even obscure His return by substituting it with someone else that even the very elect could be deceived.

Time is not always on our side. Majority of the people think the Bible is foolish let alone preaching it. To most people I’ll be called crazy. I say the same thing to you.  You’re crazy if you don’t want to know or think about how you spend eternity.  Your life here on earth determines how you spend eternity.  Death is sure. So Christ’s return is too. Do not get caught off guard where everything is too late.  Read the Bible.  If your skeptic read it like a literature. Read the whole book.  A lot of believers where skeptic too before they got saved, including me. If you don’t have a Bible read it online, it’s free.


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We Have It Easy

Almost all of us dreaded to be homeless.  I’ve never meet or hear anyone today that became one for the sake of the gospel.  And yet that was exactly the situation of Paul and the followers of Christ. 1Corinhtians 4:11 says, “To this present hour we are both hungry and thirsty, and are poorly clothed, and are roughly treated and are homeless.” You could read the rest of the verses. It didn’t get better at all.