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I guess you could say this somewhat a movie review. Spoiler alert ahead. I’m not really a sports guy per say. Rarely we see a good sports movie, less alone something that has a profound message, a good message. It’s a nice break from other movies that are filled with violence, sex and cgi’s.

I have a coworker and a friend of mine that suggested to watch 42 on netflix. I’m not really into sports movies but being he is a good friend of mine I took his recommendation. It’s a movie about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player in the MLB. I love movies that convey some truths to it. There’s a scene where Mr.Rickey, played by Harrison Ford and Jackie Robinson are having a conversation in the field. Mr. Rickey was asking him what he believes, in which he replied back and I quote, “I don’t think what I believe matters only what I do.”

It struck me that it rings so true when someone says I am a Christian but they’re actions say otherwise.We could say all we want. We could declare it in every roof top. We could carry a bible. Wear a cross in our necklace. Put a fish emblem in the back of our car. People wouldn’t care what they only care is what we do. Once an atheist said that the reason he doesn’t believe is the lack of action by a believer. He said they claim to be Christian but he doesn’t see it in their lives, they still living like everybody in the world does. “So why should I believe?” Those were his words.

I am not here to judge nor I am saying that I am perfect. But every time you say you’re a Christian and you’re still living like the world. Know this for sure that it is not you who is losing respect, but Christ in you. Once they know that you’re a Christian by you professing it is no longer the you they see instead what they see is Christ. Remember words mean nothing only action does. Aside from that it’s only emotions and feelings which are very deceiving because they’re not facts.

Maybe you’re thinking you’re under grace. True to that. Let me ask you this, most of us work for someone. Regardless of the size of the organization or company we work for, there’s a standard we have to follow because we represent it. Why wouldn’t it be any different for being a Christian. The only difference is the first makes you money, the latter eternity, which I would think matter more. Like me, writing this blog. I could put all kinds of persuasive words in here for you to believe. But if my actions doesn’t match to what I’m writing would you still believe?

So next time you do something, it doesn’t matter what you say only what you do.

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Living Without Sinning

Everyday I see people running and jogging. It’s good to see such individual taking care of their physical health. Technology has been such a big help that we can accurately track our progress. How much calories we’ve burned, how fast we were going and the distance we’ve traveled. Like any other human task we always strive to do better than the last time. By looking our previous performance we can see which one we have to work on more.

Why can’t we do the same thing with our eternal health. Do you think it’s impossible to have a sin free life? Beside we’re talking about eternity here. Isn’t that what grace is for, to cover our sin? Grace is not an excuse to commit more sin rather, it should be the reason not to sin. Yes I know it is very hard to do. It is close to impossible. People who wanted to lose weight said the same thing and yet they were able to achieve it. Beside Jesus Christ himself said, If you love me obey my commandments and why call me Lord when you don’t do what I tell you to do.

So, how about it? Start today or tomorrow, remember your eternity depends on it. Thinking of a good eternal exercise here. How about stop lusting. Stop cursing. Caring more for other people instead of me, me, and me. Being loyal to your spouse not only when they have money. Stop watching porn. Stop going to the strip club. Being kind to someone even though they’re mean to you. Read your Bible instead of listening only from the Pastor. If you’re worried about keeping track of your progress, don’t worry God is up their recording everything. We will all take account for every word we’ve said and actions we’ve taken.

You could do this once or twice a week until you get better that you do them everyday. Not only when you feel guilty. Sooner or later your peers, parents, co-workers even your pets will soon notice and say you must be a Christian!! Congratulations your achieve your goal and the eternal crown of life will be waiting for you.